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Accepting women's perspectives or attempting to comprehend and inspire them, as well as elevating women's social status through education, awareness, literacy, and training, are all examples of ways to empower women. "Empowerment of women leads to development of a good family, good society, and ultimately a good nation," Abdul Kalam has emphasized. Isn't this the goal of the majority of our visionaries, including Mahakavi Barathi and Gandhiji? We are on the way to making women's empowerment a sweet and unshakeable reality. To put it another way, the advancement of women's political, economic, social, and health status as well as their autonomy and empowerment are crucial to the improvement of the world. As a result, they will be able to shoulder responsibilities with men in their families and for the greater good.

We have established a few steps that must be adhered to in order to maintain the expected levels of education: 1. Empowering women to express their needs and concerns, 2. determining and enacting procedures for women's equal participation and impartial representation at all levels of the political process and civic life in each community and society, and The primary goal ought to be to encourage women to realize their full potential not only through education but also through employment, training for skill development, and other means. Additionally, it ought to be given the utmost importance to eradicate poverty, illiteracy, and poor health among women. Getting rid of all practices and means of discrimination against women and helping them get the rights they deserve, Providing women with social security, improvising opportunities for them to earn money from a variety of sources, assisting them in achieving economic independence, allowing them to freely participate in labor markets, and Keeping everyone away from acts of violence against women, Eliminating discriminatory practices employed by employers bolstering all of these by enacting stringent laws that outlaw all forms of social discrimination and abuse.

We have also promoted women's non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and self-help groups to support and educate homemakers, to encourage their involvement in product and service development, and to engage corporations, NGOs, and CSR volunteers in assisting them in achieving equality through counseling, vocational training, and the creation of supportive workplaces. Through research, a variety of periodic activities, communication campaigns, and promoting women's collaboration for their opportunities in economic advancement in the society and family empowerment, we have also worked to improve public opinion and policy on women's empowerment. We have also worked to create a conducive environment and multiple opportunities for women's advancement in the society. We are open to talking to people who can help us find these opportunities in different parts of society. We are also willing to cooperate with businesses that provide such opportunities for women's advancement and empowerment. We are more than happy to assist women who can point out areas where women's empowerment is lacking and natural leaders who can assist us in successfully leading this mission.


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