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Welfare Activity (CSR)

  Children Charitable trust participates in CSR initiatives Global brands are quickly emerging to be distinguished by their propensity for social responsibility and contributions to sustainable development. "A way firms manage the business processes to have an overall good impact on society," according to the definition of corporate social responsibility. Businesses' long-term profitability, competitiveness, and sustainability are ensured by incorporating social, environmental, and ethical duties into their governance. The development of a strong brand that resonates with a company's primary stakeholders—customers, employees, the government, and the general public—is facilitated by CSR initiatives. With CSR initiatives like awareness campaigns, pocso act campaigns, campaigns for women's empowerment, and campaigns for safety and prevention measures, recent years have been effective.

We are conducting a POCSO awareness campaign as part of a series of initiatives to do so. These efforts aim to educate the public on the laws, regulations, and policies that safeguard minors from sexual offenses and to compel students to be aware of their rights and obligations. Women's empowerment, which can be defined as fostering women's feeling of self-worth, their capacity to make their own decisions, and their right to have an impact on social change for both themselves and others, has received a lot of attention from our organization.It is intimately related to female emancipation, a basic human right that is also essential to the creation of a more tranquil, wealthy world.

We have been educating individuals on disease awareness, which is the capability of fully comprehending a medical issue. in advance to mitigate the disease's devastating effects. People must understand what awareness means, which entails understanding of the causes of an illness, its symptoms, and measures to prevent it.

Children Charitable trust is registered Under

1.Sec 12A of IT Act
2.80G of IT Act
3.CSR R Registration No: CSR00043770


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Government Reg.No. 20/2022
J.J. Act Reg.No. S.No.1588/DSD/2022
AA CTC9179NF202/00/ (80G)
AACTC9179NF202/20/ (12AB)
Coimbatore Certificate Details
Government Reg.No. 20/2022
J.J. Act Reg.No. S.No.1813/DSD/2022
AA CTC9179NF202/00/ (80G)
AACTC9179NF202/20/ (12AB)
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