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The schools offer a variety of courses, including management, vocational, cultural, sports, and other training. This is being given to the kids in order to aid both us and them in determining their goals and passions. Depending on their interests, objectives, and final test scores from the qualifying examinations, we encourage the kids to pursue higher study after completing their basic education by offering scholarships.

The educational philosophy of Swami Vivekananda served as the foundation for the design of the learning facility. Every youngster should be given the opportunity to receive information and education as needed. The information will be distributed equally to each child, and professional experts will be on hand to answer questions and offer advice on making informed career decisions. In this setting, the kids will receive the training and tools they need to confidently and methodically face the outside world. With the aid of these learning facilities, kids will have access to career gurus with years of expertise as well as constant awareness of the many alternatives accessible in the globe.

We don't just want to educate these kids; we also want to make sure they have all the riches, love, care, and privileges that even their parents couldn't provide them, even if they were raised in a loving and caring home. These kids, in our opinion, will shape Indian and global civilization in the future and uphold the dignity and worth of all human life. Thus, the young generation will be the seed for a whole new civilization that is free of injustice and hopelessness. As these seeds are dispersed over the globe, a healthy generation will be born. We also anticipate that essential rights and equality will not be lost if we are successful in achieving our goals, vision, and mission.Soon, the future Gandhiji and Swami Vivekananda envisioned will become a reality. In contrast to the current world, when the majority of our lives are motivated primarily by money, riches and money will be byproducts. "Arise awake and sleep not till this aim is achieved," the globe is ready to go.


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