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This is also known as the adoption program for public schools. There is a significant disparity between the education provided by public and private educational establishments in the modern world. The education provided by government institutions is of a very low quality. Numerous service-oriented organizations have proposed resolving this disparity for the benefit of these educational establishments. Numerous organizations and CSR enrich government educational institutions with equitable content, infrastructure, facilities, methods, and technology, among other things. In this way, government educational institutions can compete with private ones and offer better education to economically disadvantaged students even in rural and remote areas.

In accordance with his glorious vision, our organization, volunteers or groups of volunteers, CSR partners, and others have established government school adoption initiatives. We are open to adopting primary, secondary, and all other government educational establishments, including colleges and vocational training centers. We are also interested in taking on projects to sponsor infrastructure, teachers, and teacher training, among other things. Send us your requirements, and we'll be happy to create a solution tailored to your specific needs. According to a 2012 ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) survey, only 47% of 5th grade students were able to read text at grade 2 level proficiently, 25% were able to solve or answer problems and questions at grade 4 competency, and 76% of 8th grade students were able to read test at grade 2 level proficiently. This survey was only sent out to government educational establishments. We are ready and eager to end this inequality and train students enrolled in public schools to be proficient enough to compete with those graduating from private schools.

Using the straightforward methods outlined below, we have developed the guidelines for these programs :

1. Through awareness meetings, raising awareness and preparing parents and society.
2. arranging trips to science fairs, invention hubs, and museums. Math Melas, for example,
3. Including students in interschool, state, and national science and math competitions and Olympiads,
4. extending the reach of the Ministry of Science and Technology's science education outreach programs.
5. establishing and managing clubs for children that focus on science, math, and technology.
6. promoting Science and Mathematics teacher circles.
7. mentoring schools run by the government.
8. Managing Classroom Transactions or Learning Sessions in an Effective Way
9. utilizing technology that is utilized in private educational institutions to strengthen teacher support institutions.
10. constructing the resource materials utilized by public educational establishments.
11. promoting the use of technology in the classroom through the use of explanation videos and smart boards.
12. supplying instructional materials and equipment to teachers.
13. bolstering the science and math labs at government-run educational institutions.


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