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We are well-known for our disaster relief efforts in Tamil Nadu because we were one of the first organizations to respond to floods in Chennai and other parts of the state and provided assistance. Our management, employees, and volunteers risked their lives to assist those stranded as a result of the floods, provided food and supplies to all affected areas, and saved a number of lives. We were able to extend our services for the entire month of disaster relief, saving the lives of a number of people in Tamil Nadu's low-lying areas.

When we felt the need for our presence in disaster recovery, we began providing our services in the aftermath of the Tsunami in Tamil Nadu. Since then, our management, staff, and volunteers have carried out numerous disaster relief efforts. We are unable to adequately express our gratitude to the generous souls who have stood by us through difficult times and given us the confidence to assist the most in need today. Since then, we have participated in disaster relief efforts and developed our expertise in that area as well.

During the onset of landslides and forest fires, we actively assisted officials and the forest department. We regularly carry out preparedness-related activities in locations near forests, hills, and the coast. We assist in disaster risks by responding appropriately, assisting the needy with supplies and recovery, and assisting them in either migrating from further damage or preventing further damage (mitigation). This is our tried-and-true four-step strategy for disaster recovery activities. During a disaster, we also provide medical assistance through our facilities' medical infrastructure. Search and rescue, emergency services, ambulance services, and other services are provided by us.

We hold public education sessions on the principles that need to be adhered to during times of disaster, such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, forest fires, landslides, or deforestation, etc. Additionally, we are seeking activists who are willing to devote their time to teaching people how to prepare for future disasters. We will provide you with free training on these topics and guide you on how to conduct such campaigns and trainings if you are willing to contact us through the helpline numbers or contact emails on our contact page. We are also looking for groups and volunteers from all over India who can support us and assist us in saving lives in times of disaster. We are happy to share the necessary knowledge with more like-minded individuals and expand our disaster relief efforts worldwide. The best way a living thing can be happy is to assist another living thing when they are in need. Come share our compassion and allow us to be present during times of disaster. A common saying is "live and let live," but let's take it a step further and say "live and touch lives with love."


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