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Children Charitable Trust (Perambalur)

       Children Charitable Trust which is Headquartered in Preambular, with 35 Girl children. We have been in the Journey of working in several sections of Tamilnadu from the year 2022 to help children get a happy life and a bright future. With the extension of the trip we've an Branch of our orphanage in Coimbatore and chennai,

We now work on a number of initiatives for women and girls, including POCSO ACT, which raises awareness of women and girls' safety. We also run numerous programmes to educate women and girls about safety, health, and day-to-day living. In order to edify their personal well-being, we have also focused on the professional training and development of women.

We also help and watch for the Old aged senior people who were left with no bone on the roadside without any help.

Address :
SF.193/1A, D.No.8H/19E2,
Sarvesh Illam, Kadaiveethi,
Alambadi Road, Arabic College(opp),
Annai Nagar,Perambalur - 621212.

Children Charitable Trust (Coimbatore)

       Children charitable trust, as we've expanded on the same year in coimbatore. With 20 Girls children.And as a result of its successes in Tamil Nadu, the Children Charitable Trust has inspired much of its programmes across the States for the girl children like educational help education and numerous. In addition, we have been concentrating on the nutrition and health of women and girls. Our initiatives include general medical camps, programmes on poor nutrition for expectant women and their health, and programmes to educate women about the applications of technology. We also help women across Tamilnadu townlets for them to Develop themselves by learning all the life chops and vocational chops by their own.

We as a Children charitable Trust a NON-PROFIT association as numerous systems which can be a scheme of help for the girl children and senior people.

We've, womens commission for the welfare of womens and their lives, Educational Help for the children's education and other affiliated to their unborn generation. And also introductory work and drug for the senior people.

Address :
S.F.No:190/1A1, D.No:12/17A,
Green Garden Extension,
Meenakshi Nagar,
Kovaipudur, Coimbatore - 641 042.

Children Charitable Trust - Diginity Home For Senior Citizen (Chennai)

       As an expansion in the year of 2022,with 25 Old elderly people in the home. we've started an orphanage in chennai with the vision of helping the old aged senior people around.we have been doing this substantially for the purpose of this design is to make zero homeless people in Chennai and analogous metropolises of TamilNadu. Moreover its set up for the safe stay for women, men, children’s, Transgender, Mentally ill person and the vulnerable, marginalized people in the society.

Additionally, we have a variety of projects for the elderly, including gardening and educating them about fundamental day-to-day activities by developing an awareness programme for them. Additionally, we have several programmes set up so that the elderly can better themselves and be prepared for the whole day.

Each and every individual is given tonnes of love and attention by our personnel.

During their stay in the sanctum the persons get comforting and new job openings as well a better view of his life.

Address :
Plot No.3,
North Portion Vinayak Avenue,
Okkiam Thuraipakkam,
Chennai - 600 097.


With a shared passion for empowering women and girls to fight poverty and end social exclusion, the Board is made up of a collection of highly accomplished individuals from the public, private, and development sectors. The board, presided over by Mr. M. Mallikarjuna, offers direction and oversight so that Children Charitable Trust can carry out its goal. The board actively participates in governance as the State's leading development institution, working closely with other development partners.

When selecting the appropriate individuals for the projects and activities, our founder takes great care. He discovers that devoting attention to the minute particulars of each stage results in the timely and successful accomplishment of bigger objectives. In addition, He finds joy in spending time with orphaned children and teaching them the highly regarded moral principles that help build a better society with exceptional people who believe in leading fulfilling lives by earning the respect of others and making voluntary contributions to their welfare.

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Perambalur Certificate Details
Government Reg.No. 20/2022
J.J. Act Reg.No. S.No.1588/DSD/2022
AA CTC9179NF202/00/ (80G)
AACTC9179NF202/20/ (12AB)
Coimbatore Certificate Details
Government Reg.No. 20/2022
J.J. Act Reg.No. S.No.1813/DSD/2022
AA CTC9179NF202/00/ (80G)
AACTC9179NF202/20/ (12AB)
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